Modified Bitumen Roof System

A modified bitumen roofing system consists of composite membranes made up of bitumen, modifiers and a layer of fiberglass or polyester. These modifiers offer a durable, rubbery property to the system while enabling flexibility. The modified bitumen sheets are developed in a consistent, controlled setting and are typically covered with mineral granules.

Since they are more flexible than built up roofing systems yet offer the same benefits (including strong resistance to roof traffic), modified bitumen roofs are a good replacement for BUR systems. Whether you need to replace a built up roofing system with a modified bitumen roof or regular maintenance work on an existing roof, Superior Roofing can help.

Superior Roofing specializes in all types of residential, industrial and commercial roofing systems including modified bitumen roofs. We can install a modified bitumen system on your residential or commercial building, whether you need to replace your BUR system or require a new, high-traffic roofing system.

Along with professional re-roofing services, we also offer repairs and maintenance on all modified bitumen roofing systems. Don’t get stuck with a bad roof during rainy season. A bad roof -- whether it is a modified bitumen or a torch down roofing system -- can cause serious problems including leaks, damage, litigation issues and (not to mention) stress. Rather than find out the hard way, make sure to contact Superior Roofing today for the professional repairs and maintenance you need for a durable, long-lasting roof.

In addition to servicing modified bitumen roofing systems, Superior Roofing is proud to provide re-roofing and repairs for all types of roofs including single ply, TPO and EPDM. We can provide you with “Title 24” compliant coatings as well as Energy Star Systems. Whether you need a flat roof or hot mop roofer, give us a call today. We offer free estimates!

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