Many homeowners do not see how gutters are an important aspect to keeping their home’s roof in efficient working order, but the truth is, gutters are critical in keeping up a quality roof. In residential homes, gutters catch any runoff (leaves, rain water, etc.) from your roof. Gutters then carry that runoff away from the home.

Gutters help keep water away from the home’s siding, doors, windows and foundation. Standing water or excess water can quickly contribute to rotting wood, mildew and mold growth. Also, shifting foundation may cause other damaging and dangerous conditions.

After a period of time, your gutter system will start of age and begin to fail. This may result in roof runoff accumulating in the gutters  resulting in the runoff staying on the edge of the roof. This could lead to damage to your roof, which could result in the need for roof repair or possibly even a full roof replacement.

By conducting an inspection of your gutter system (either yourself or by a professional), you can ensure that your system is well-kept, not falling apart, and is capable of keeping your roof in good shape. If your system is beyond repair or is simply not working as efficiently as it should, a new gutter system may be necessary. A new system will ensure that you have a top of the line system working to keep roof runoff away from your roof and your home.

If you feel that your gutter system is not working properly, have decided that you want a new system or simply want us to conduct an inspection of your gutters, give us a call today at Superior Roofing. We will visit your home as soon as possible and perform the services that you request so that you can rest with the peace of mind knowing that your gutter system is working properly and efficiently.

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